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One Province, One Economy: Mike Abbey, Chair, MSABC
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Mining for Miracles is the BC mining community's longstanding fundraising campaign in support of the BC Children's Hospital Foundation
Mineral Resources Education Program of BC



The MSABC is a vital component of mining in British Columbia. We believe so strongly in the importance of their work and in the value of their collective strength that when it comes to procurement, our first preference is to do business with MSABC member companies.

It was through MSABC that I was introduced to our broader mining community. MSABC events and members introduced me to the people directly responsible for building and operating mines across our province. It was through our association that we were able to build these relationships and our business over the past many years from a small concern into a strong ongoing operation.

Industry Associations like MSABC play a vital role in helping project proponents achieve positive permitting outcomes. Join to be seen by decision makers as a member of your industry. Join to demonstrate how important project approvals are to your business, your employees and your community. Join to create a more powerful voice for mining.

Being new to mining, MSABC has been a valuable resource enabling me to network with the right players in the industry, along with providing me with a deeper knowledge of the mining sector and how it intersects socially, geographically and politically in British Columbia.  Its quest for mining sustainability and longevity in our province along with its tireless efforts to raise mining awareness through support for programs such as MineralsEd are just a couple notable efforts they strive and succeed at.

The Mining Suppliers Association of BC (MSABC) is a professionally run association that connects Mine Owners and Operators with the 100’s of suppliers and service providers to the industry. MSABC, through its networking, volunteerism, and advocacy work combined with at-the-operations work of its member companies, creates a more competitive and sustainable mining industry in BC. We have worked closely with MSABC member companies in the past at all of our operations in BC and we look forward to working with them in the future.


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