MSABC’s mission is to build a better future for mining in B.C. In addition to providing business development opportunities for our members and mining companies, MSABC supports important advocacy work aimed at improving B.C.’s competitiveness as a mining jurisdiction and enhancing the public reputation of the B.C. mining industry.  MSABC supports mining industry advocacy through a variety of initiatives, from site visits for elected officials to advocacy campaigns during provincial elections.

Mining Day at the Legislature

Each year, MSABC partners with the Mining Association of B.C. and the Association for Mineral Exploration for the annual Mining Day at the Legislature lobby-day in Victoria.  Teams of executives from mining companies, mine supply, contractor and consultant firms in addition to mineral exploration companies spend the day meeting with elected officials and senior civil servants to discuss mineral exploration and mining in B.C.  MSABC members provide an important perspective on how maintaining a strong mining industry benefits thousands of businesses in communities across the province.

One Province, One Economy

In 2019, MSABC and the Mining Association of B.C. funded a B.C. Mining Supply Chain study of the 2018 expenditures of B.C. mines and smelters on supplies and services from B.C. companies.  The study found that 17 major mines and 2 smelters spent $2.9 billion purchasing supplies and services from more than 3,700 business located in 215 municipalities, communities and Indigenous nations in 2018 alone. This did not include revenue from B.C. firms providing mining supplies and services to operations outside of the province.

The results of the 2019 B.C. Mining Supply Chain study supported a “One Province, One Economy” public awareness campaign, which featured workers in the lower mainland and other urban communities who provided supplies and services to B.C. mines.

More resources and be found on the One province, One Economy page.

The 2019 study, entitled “One Province, One Economy: Benefits of British Columbia’s Mining Supply Chain,” can be found by following the link below:

One province, One Economy: Benefits of British Columbia’s Mining Supply Chain

Mining Builds Communities

MSABC collaborates with partners to develop educational materials to raise awareness about the mining industry in B.C.  In 2013 MSABC and MABC worked with Visual Capitalist to produce a Mining Builds Communities infographic to show how many communities and companies benefit from a mining operation in B.C., from pit to port.

Mining Builds Communities