Mining Suppliers Support HST over Return to PST/GST


Vancouver – The Mining Suppliers Association of B.C. (MSABC) appreciates the government of B.C.’s efforts to address concerns over the HST with today’s announcement to lower the harmonized tax by two points and issue rebates for families. “We are glad the government is taking steps to address these concerns, because our association believes it is important we retain the HST,” explained Terry Mulligan, President & CEO of MSABC. “The HST is a more efficient tax system that helps to improve the investment climate for building new mines and creating thousands of new jobs in our province,” added Mulligan.

Although the additional announcement of an increase in corporate tax will not be welcome by MSABC members, the association is optimistic that the set of changes will increase public support for retaining the HST. “While we are not in favour of the temporary two per cent increase of the general corporate tax rate, we are hopeful that these changes will help build the support needed to win the referendum, retain the HST, and avoid a costly return to the PST/GST,” said Mulligan. Since February, 2011, MSABC has campaigned to retain the HST as a member of the Smart Tax Alliance.

MSABC comprises suppliers, contractors and consultants to the B.C. mining industry who are committed to promoting the sustainability of this valuable resource sector.




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