An Update on MSABC Events for 2021

MSABC Update

An Update on MSABC Events for 2021

We are very excited to provide you with an update on MSABC’s plans for resuming in-person networking events this year. Until recently, it has been very difficult to guess when large, in-person events will be safe to be held again. If you have friends or family who have tried planning a wedding recently, you know exactly what we mean. Within days of MSABC postponing the 2020 Spring Fling due to COVID-19 uncertainties, the Government of B.C. declared a state of emergency prohibiting events with 50 or more people. That prohibition was tightened and remains in place today, however with a vaccination program now underway MSABC is in a better position to set dates for the resumption of safe in-person events. Notwithstanding new setbacks, such as vaccination delays or additional challenges related to COVID-19 variants, we are cautiously optimistic we will be able to proceed with the following events in 2021 and 2022. 

Event Prohibitions & Vaccination Rollout

B.C.’s public health prohibition on large, in-person events will only be lifted when public health authorities are satisfied we have achieved one of the following: widespread vaccination against COVID-19; “community” immunity; or broad successful treatments. Thanks to the light-speed global development and production of COVID-19 vaccines, on March 18, 2021 B.C. health authorities announced that every eligible adult in the province will be offered a first dose of a vaccine by the end of June. Additionally, on March 30, 2021 Prime Minister Trudeau confirmed that Canada is on track to immunize all Canadian adults by the end of September.

While this is great news, MSABC is still planning for some event restrictions to remain in place into the fall. We also expect that once widespread vaccination is achieved and group gatherings are permitted, it may take some additional time for corporate policies to be changed to allow employees to attend industry events. For these reasons, MSABC is planning a staged-return to networking events, with a modified golf tournament in August, a “normal” Christmas Reception in November, and a return to our classic Spring Fling in April of 2022. Here are the dates and details to mark in your calendars.


Bob Hallbauer Memorial Invitational Golf Tournament – Friday, August 13, 2021
University Golf Course, Vancouver

Our annual golf tournament has been bumped forward from its usual date, the second Friday in July, to Friday, August 13 in the hope that COVID-19 vaccinations progress to the point where we can have a version of our post-golf networking reception. At present, public health restrictions only allow restaurant-style foursome meals or take away options. If the public health situation improves, we may be able to have a larger, post-golf networking event by August.


MABC/MSABC Christmas Reception – Thursday, November 25, 2021
Terminal City Club, Vancouver

With wide-spread vaccinations expected by September, MSABC is planning to host its usual MSABC-MABC Christmas Reception at the end of November. We hope that if widespread vaccination is achieved and public health restrictions are lifted by fall, there will be enough time for corporate policies to be adjusted to allow employees to attend large-group networking events by the end of November. If vaccinations stay on track, we will have much to celebrate at the end of November!


“Spring Fling” Dinner & Live Auction – April 21, 2022
Fairmont Waterfront, Vancouver

While we hope to be free and clear of major COVID-19 event restrictions in November, our April Spring Fling event was once again cancelled due to the pandemic. The Spring Fling Committee had initially contemplated hosting a “Fall Fling” in October. When it became clear that wide-spread vaccinations would not be achieved until September 2021 the MSABC Board agreed that it would be safest to delay this large, indoor networking event until April of 2022. This will give participants extra time to save up a few bucks for some amazing live auction items next year!

Moving Forward

We would like to thank all members and friends for your continuing support as we work to return to safe, in-person networking events. We will keep you updated as the situation evolves with regard to public health restrictions and plans for our Golf Tournament and Christmas Reception. Most importantly, we look forward to seeing you all, in person, very soon!


Mike Abbey
Chair, Mining Suppliers Association of B.C. &
Area Fire Sales Manager, Canada West
Johnson Controls
Alec Morrison
President & CEO
Mining Suppliers Association of B.C. &
Strategic Advisor, MABC

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