Mining Suppliers Applaud Christy Clark’s Commitment to Natural Resources Industries


Vancouver – The Mining Suppliers Association of B.C. (MSABC) was pleased with comments made by Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark regarding the importance of supporting the natural resources industries in British Columbia. At a recent meeting that included Patty Moore, Chair of MSABC, Clark made it very clear that she believes it is critical to recognize and support the natural resources industries, including metals mining, oil & gas and forestry.

“It is not my place to suggest, one way or another, how anyone should vote for the leader of the Liberal or NDP parties, or which party should be chosen in a provincial election,” explained Moore. “But we do feel we need to inform those with a vested interest in the mining industry, which candidates are our supporters.”

Moore also acknowledged Clark’s very supportive comments in the media this week regarding the Prosperity Project. “It would seem she plans to prioritize discussions with the federal government on this project, and the entire permitting process, which is encouraging.” added Moore.

MSABC comprises suppliers, contractors and consultants to the B.C. mining industry who are committed to promoting the sustainability of this valuable resource sector.




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