MSABC Welcomes Balanced Budget that Improves BC Competitiveness


Vancouver, B.C. – The Mining Suppliers Association of British Columbia (MSABC) congratulates the government of B.C. for delivering a fifth-consecutive balanced budget while announcing important new measures to improve the competitiveness of the B.C. economy.

MSABC welcomes the government’s commitment to phase out the PST on electricity, which will be cut in half by October 2017 and completely eliminated by April 2019. “We witnessed broad industry, labour and community support for this measure in the lead-up to Budget 2017,” said Darold Thorp, Chair of MSABC and Major Account Manager – Mining BC, Brandt Tractor Ltd. “B.C. is the only North American jurisdiction to levy a sales tax on electricity used by business. This important measure will help level the playing field for existing energy intensive industries to compete globally and attract new investments for industrial projects in the province,” added Thorp. [...]  READ MORE ➔

Mining Suppliers to Benefit from New Exploration Support in Budget 2015


Vancouver, B.C. – The Mining Suppliers Association of British Columbia (MSABC) congratulates the Government of Canada for tabling a balanced budget while maintaining its support for mineral exploration and mine development in Budget 2015. “We commend the federal government for balancing the budget while maintaining support for important programs that stimulate economic growth and create new jobs in the mining sector,” said Darold Thorp, Chair of MSABC.

The Mineral Exploration Tax Credit, which has helped junior mining companies raise $5.5 billion for exploration since 2006, has been extended for an additional year in Budget 2015. Deductions for Canadian Exploration Expenses were also expanded to cover costs for consultations and environmental studies. “A significant portion of the funds raised for exploration and environmental studies will be spent on supplies and services provided by our member companies,” said Thorp. “Whether it’s the purchase of modular buildings for field exploration or the commissioning of archeological surveys at project sites, B.C. companies that provide these supplies and services will benefit directly from investments attracted by these incentives.” [...]  READ MORE ➔

MSABC Disappointed by Government of Canada’s Decision to Block Development of BC’s New Prosperity Mine


Vancouver, B.C. – The Mining Suppliers Association of British Columbia (MSABC) was disappointed by yesterday’s announcement by the Hon. Leona Aglukkaq, Canada’s Environment Minister, that the New Prosperity mining project should not proceed due to adverse environmental effects that the federal government believes cannot be mitigated. “We were certainly surprised by this decision because the Government of BC had given assurances that any adverse environmental effects stemming from the development of the mine would be addressed through the provincial permitting process,” said Ken Roberts, Chair of MSABC. “It was all the more surprising that the federal government did not accept assurances from Taseko Mines Limited, which already operates a successful and responsible mine in BC, or from Knight Piésold, a highly reputable engineering firm, that the proposed mine operating plan addressed concerns raised in the initial federal review of the project,” added Roberts. [...]  READ MORE ➔

MSABC Welcomes Return to Balanced Budget and Investments in Environmental Assessments and Training in BC Budget 2014


Vancouver, B.C. — The Mining Suppliers Association of British Columbia (MSABC) welcomes the return to a balanced budget and continued investments in exploration, environmental assessments and skills training in Budget 2014. “MSABC congratulates the provincial government on its prudent fiscal management and the return to a balanced budget with a plan to grow the surplus,” said Ken Roberts, Chair of MSABC. Roberts added, “MSABC also welcomes the extension of the BC Mining Flow-Through Share Tax Credit which provides, along with recently extended federal measures, an important source of capital for mineral exploration in BC.” [...]  READ MORE ➔

Mining Suppliers Applaud Christy Clark’s Commitment to Natural Resources Industries


Vancouver – The Mining Suppliers Association of B.C. (MSABC) was pleased with comments made by Liberal leadership candidate Christy Clark regarding the importance of supporting the natural resources industries in British Columbia. At a recent meeting that included Patty Moore, Chair of MSABC, Clark made it very clear that she believes it is critical to recognize and support the natural resources industries, including metals mining, oil & gas and forestry.

“It is not my place to suggest, one way or another, how anyone should vote for the leader of the Liberal or NDP parties, or which party should be chosen in a provincial election,” explained Moore. “But we do feel we need to inform those with a vested interest in the mining industry, which candidates are our supporters.” [...]  READ MORE ➔