MSABC Welcomes Return to Balanced Budget and Investments in Environmental Assessments and Training in BC Budget 2014


Vancouver, B.C. — The Mining Suppliers Association of British Columbia (MSABC) welcomes the return to a balanced budget and continued investments in exploration, environmental assessments and skills training in Budget 2014. “MSABC congratulates the provincial government on its prudent fiscal management and the return to a balanced budget with a plan to grow the surplus,” said Ken Roberts, Chair of MSABC. Roberts added, “MSABC also welcomes the extension of the BC Mining Flow-Through Share Tax Credit which provides, along with recently extended federal measures, an important source of capital for mineral exploration in BC.”

MSABC is encouraged by new investments in environmental assessments and training in Budget 2014. “With the projected growth of resource projects in BC, including mining and LNG, it will be important that government agencies have the appropriate capacity to process applications in a timely fashion,” said Roberts. “MSABC welcomes the investment of $9 million to bring more certainty to timelines for environmental assessments, which will help improve BC’s investment climate,” continued Roberts. “MSABC also notes the Province’s continued investment in trades, including the NorKam Trades Centre of Excellence in Kamloops, which will help ensure we have a trained workforce to capitalize on BC’s exploration, mining and construction opportunities,” added Roberts.

MSABC comprises suppliers, contractors and consultants to the B.C. mining industry who are committed to promoting the sustainability of this valuable resource sector.




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